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Case Study
UXO Survey Bristol Harbour Marine

Full pre dive briefing conducted by UXO supervisor on UXO awareness and identification

Overview of Process and works completed:

UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd were recently tasked to provide diver support to conduct a Marine UXO survey in Bristol to assist a client achieve ALARP (As low as reasonably practicable) certification, allowing the client to build a walkway along Bristol Harbour. In order to conduct the survey, a qualified UXO diver and supervisor cooperatively with UK Diveworks Commercials dive team were used to conduct a jackstay search utilizing an underwater magnetometer to investigate for potential UXO (pUXO).

Two pUXO items were detected on the second day and following exploration from the UXO diver these were identified as a steel plate and a length of re-bar. The survey was completed on the third day with three pUXO's detected and identified by the UXO diver as a scaffold pole, re-bar and a section of Heras fencing.

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