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Case Study
Denton Pier Inspection works

Work type: Inspection works
Duration: 2 days
Team Size: 5 man Surface Supplied Team

Overview of Process and works completed:

UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd were contacted by a client that had a requirement for Underwater Inspection works to establish the asset condition of a floating pontoon and 2 x dolphins.

UK Diveworks quickly established the full requirement of the works and set to work on the pre-works planning. Full Risk Assessment and Method Statements were produced for review, along with raising an internal equipment order which is handled by our in house CMV2 works management system. Dive permits were applied for through the Port of London Authority and granted the same day.

Client approval was received on the Risk Assessment and Method Statement, Our equipment was loaded along with all QR codes for equipment certification information, and the team departed for works.

Once on the work site, the client gave an induction and checked the certification of the diving equipment using a camera phone on to the QR coding system.

UK Diveworks Commercial carried out a dynamic risk assessment and a toolbox talk before mobilising equipment to the Pontoon.

Once mobilised, the dive team set to work, completing 6 dives on the asset and gaining HD video footage, U.T readings and CVI information relating to mooring chains and surface conditions.

All of this information was then supplied to our client via a written report and video transfer portal within 2 days of completed works.

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