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Case Study
Ramsgate Harbour

Work type: Maintenance and inspection works
Duration: 5 day
Team Size: 5 man Surface Supplied Team

Overview of Process and works completed:

UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd were contacted by Ramsgate Harbour as part of their framework agreement to complete flap gate and mitre gate inspections, as well as re-routing hydraulic hosing and determining the cause of a broken mooring chain to a floating pontoon.

As per every work scope that UK Diveworks Commercial are instructed to undertake, a full RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statemen) were produced for client approval.

Once on site, a pre works meeting was attended by our Dive team and safe operating procedures (SOP's) in relation to mitre gate lock out requirement were discussed and signed up to by Port Operational Staff.

Works spanned over a 5 day period due to tidal flow and restriction in times due to differential pressure hazards posed by the Mitre Gate. The Dive team secured HD video footage evidence of all inspection works as well as proof to the hydraulic hose re-routing. A full written report was supplied to our client who have re-used our services on various work requirements since.

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