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Case Study
Bournemouth Air Show Plane recovery

Work type: Salvage
Duration: 1 day
Team Size: 5 man Surface Supplied Team

Overview of Process and works completed:

UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd received an emergency call out to assist Jenkins Marine with the recovery of a light aircraft that ditched in to the water surrounding the Sandbanks Ferry crossing outside the Haven Hotel.

Risk Assessment and Method statements were raised and submitted to Poole Harbour Commissioners and a dive permit request granted.

Within 2 hours of the call, our dive team were on site and assessing the tidal flows of the area. The Diving Supervisor conducted a dynamic risk assessment and deemed a further patrol vessel was required to manage the heavy vessel traffic. The local marine Police unit was in attendance and offered this support immediately.

Jenkins Marine had on station, a work barge with Hiab lifting capability. An operational plan was discussed with the skipper of the vessel and plans were signed up to by all parties involved.

Once the tidal flow dropped to within diving limits stated in our RAMS, our salvage diver Steven Kent entered the water and began a search for the plane as it had slipped down a slope and was not located where the plane came to rest in the first instance.

Once the plane was located, rigging was attached as agreed on the surface with Jenkins marine. One final check was made to the rigging before the diver was instructed to move clear and return to the slip way where he entered. The plane was then gently and carefully lifted by Jenkins Marine, who landed the plane on to the deck of the works barge and transited back to their yard for the AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) to assess and investigate the cause of the accident.

In total, from emergency call out to recovery of the plane it only took UK Diveworks Commercial 5 hours.

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