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Bridge Inspections and Surveys

We are your partner in underwater bridge inspection programmes

Being able to see the condition of a structure or asset beneath the waterline, is an essential part of bridge maintenance and must be conducted systematically.

It is essential that the structure condition is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.

The prime focus of all bridge inspection is public safety. Beyond the safety aspect, inspection works will prolong the life span of the bridge structure through planned maintenance and repair. With a highly skilled planning team, we can minimise disruption, execute the works efficiently and ensure that all works are completed in a safe and systematic format.

Gathering information through the regular inspection process, can outline important information such as depletion levels, serious structural damage, movement and a whole host of other defects. UK Diveworks Commercial have put together the following recommendations for periodic underwater bridge inspection. These are in line with the recommended standards set out by the Department of Transport (DoT).

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Principal Inspections 6 yearly:

General Inspections 2 yearly:

Superficial Inspections Yearly:

Ad-hoc: A special inspection may be required for the following reasons:

Bridge Inspection Drone Services

UK Diveworks Commercial offer Aerial drone inspections.

When Visual inspection is required quickly, or there is limited or restricted access, this option ticks all the boxes. It eliminates risk to personnel when working at height, and is quick and efficient. We use the latest drone technology to supply the highest quality video inspections for your records.

All of our drone pilots are CAA licensed, and can quickly assess the most difficult to access areas providing a cost-effective solution to your inspection needs.

UK Diveworks Commercial understand the importance of acquiring information relating to bridge structures, and that it is reported in a standardised manner.

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