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UKDC offers specialist UXO Survey and Clearance services for the marine industry.

UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd (UKDC) understand the importance of identifying unknown objects accurately and correctly when it comes to Unexploded Ordnance. Unsuspecting surface personnel have the potential to disturb such ordnance which could be catastrophic. Our qualified UXO Supervisors, UXO Surveyors and UXO Divers are on hand to ensure that no target is missed, and that a comprehensive paper trail is completed throughout our UXO diving operations.

UXO surveys may be completed for work proposals such as installation of wind farms, dredging requirements or any other underwater construction projects. Once an initial survey has been completed and potential UXO (pUXO) identified UKDC have the capability to conduct further target identification to confirm or discount the target as UXO. Once the targets have been confirmed non-UXO UKDC can issue the client with an ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) certificate for the project to continue. If targets are confirmed as UXO UKDC will liaise with the client and emergency services if required to ensure the safe removal or in-situ destruction of the UXO to allow the project to continue safely.

UXO can have deadly effects on personnel, asset damage and the surrounding environment, should any Unexploded Ordnance detonate. It is easily mitigated through UKDC's strict and accurate identification processes.

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