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Underwater Salvage and Recovery

24hr Emergency response
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With a wealth of knowledge from time served salvage specialists, UKDC have the capability to mobilise personnel, salvage equipment and vessels promptly.

We understand that salvage mobilisation is time critical. Undertaking fast assessment of vessels, vehicles and other objects that require salvage, can avoid catastrophic pollution, further damage and minimise environmental impact.

Quick clearance of obstructions within main shipping lanes is vital to the safety of other vessels. UK Diveworks Commercial Directors, have been directly involved with salvages of all types of vessels, vehicles and objects. The most infamous involvement of 1 of our Directors, was the salvage of the Costa Concordia which ran aground, capsized, and later sank in shallow waters after striking an underwater rock off Isola del Giglio.

UKDC have experience and knowledge of working with Insurers, Port Authorities, Shipping Agents, Environmental Clients and Vessel Operators.

Your salvage requirements

UK Diveworks Commercial can assist with the following:

UK Diveworks Commercial can supply fully qualified underwater inspection divers (CSWIP 3.1U + CSWIP 3.2U) , to assist with underwater inspection programmes, along with qualified Marine Engineers.

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