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Marine Surveys


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UK Diveworks Commercial have the capability to provide a variety of marine surveys. Whether our clients requirement is to locate potential UXO threat or to provide imagery of a structure, UK Diveworks Commercial can accommodate these needs.

A geophysical survey is a method used to investigate and map the earth within bodies of water by measuring different physical properties using several techniques such as measuring magnetic fields, electrical conductivity, seismic waves, or remote sensing to create images and models of the subsurface.

Bathymetric Surveys

A bathymetric survey is a method used to measure and map the depth of water bodies such as oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers.

Bathymetric surveys are conducted using an echo sounder attached to a survey boat. As the boat moves across the water, the echo sounder will generate electrical signals. These are then converted into soundwaves by an under-water transducer. Soundwaves will bounce off features under the water and this echo is then identified by the echo sounder and the distance to the identified feature is calculated. Bathymetric survey systems rely on highly accurate GNSS (GPS) systems to link each measured distance to a particular depth on the surveying map.

The information gathered from a bathymetric survey is crucial for various applications such as UXO identification, navigation, resource exploration, ecosystem monitoring, and coastal zone management.

3D Seismic Surveys

A 3D seismic survey is a method used in the marine industry to create detailed images of underground rock formations. It involves sending sound waves into the ground and recording the reflections that bounce back.

By using multiple seismic sources and receivers in a grid pattern, a three-dimensional picture of the subsurface geology can be generated.

This data can help identify pUXO targets for further investigation. Or within the Oil and Gas industry helps geoscientists and engineers locate potential hydrocarbon reservoirs and plan drilling operations more effectively.

Magnetic total field and gradiometer surveys

A magnetic total field and gradiometer survey is a geophysical method used to measure variations in the Earth's magnetic field.

Total field magnetometers measure the strength and direction of the magnetic field at a specific location, while gradiometers measure the rate of change of the magnetic field over distance. By collecting data from multiple points, these surveys can help identify subsurface features such as pUXO targets, buried structures, mineral deposits, or archaeological artifacts that may cause anomalies in the magnetic field.

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