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Achieving excellence in underwater engineering

Based in Poole in Dorset, UK Diveworks Commercial Ltd offers a diverse range of commercial diving services throughout the UK and surrounding waters.

From EOD and UXO diving support services, to salvage diving, underwater welding and subsurface inspection services, UK Diveworks Commercial is a market leader in commercial Diving knowledge and experience. Our directors are time served commercial divers, operations managers, project managers and diving supervisors.

Our range of extensive and adaptable diving equipment allows us to work within any environment. Whether your diving requirement is inshore or offshore, we can accommodate all client needs.

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Marine Surveys services

UXO Diving Services

UKDC has the capability to provide a variety of marine surveys. Whether a client's requirement is to locate potential UXO threat or to provide imagery of a structure, UK Diveworks Commercial can accommodate these needs.


UXO underwater diving services

UXO Diving Services

UKDC can mitigate the risk and allow confidence during any construction phase


underwater inspection divers and services

Underwater Inspection

UKDC have a high level of engineering talent and can provide engineer drawings (CAD) to outline the current state of any asset along with its defects.


Underwater installation and civil engineering

Installation & Civil Engineering

UKDC has an extensive tools package which can cater for any underwater installation

Underwater anode installation

Underwater Anode Installation (Cathodic Protection)

This process will provide protection from corrosion and thickness depletion of structural metals for years to come.


Underwater Welding Services

Underwater Welding

Visual inspection and Mpi testing of welds ensures the integrity of the welds meet any required standards

Ships Husbandry and Diving Services

Ships Husbandry & Diving Services

UKDC has a proven track record for experienced shipping diving. This includes considerable time beneath the new H.M.S Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier performing installation, inspection and removal services on the biggest member of the Royal Navys Fleet.

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Safety Boat Cover

Safety Boat Cover

UKDC can supply safety boat cover to all types of industries and works. All of our skippers are a minimum of RYA Powerboat level 3 qualified.


Diving equipment hire

Equipment Hire

UKDC offers diving equipment hire for all types of diving projects and works. All our equipment is maintained to industry standards and complies with the requirements of HSE regulations.


Confined Space and Rescue

Confined Space & Rescue

Whether you need internal inspections of a confined space, or a confined space rescue team on stand by, UKDC can help to ensure works are carried out with the highest safety standards in place.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

UKDC has experience in maintenance for renewable energy installations.

Canal and River Services

Canal & River Diving Services

Whether it is safety inspections following fast flowing rivers due to floods, or maintenance and repair works to secure the integrity of assets, UKDC have experience, knowledge and underwater inspection expertise

Salvage and Recovery Divers

Salvage & Recovery

Whether the task required is a small sailing yacht to be raised back to surface, or a commercial ferry that requires cutting up for removal. UKDC have experienced and knowledgeable salvage divers, salvage co-ordinators and salvage masters.


Swimming pool maintenance and repair

Swimming Pool Mainteance and Repair

A team of specialists in all aspects of swimming pool underwater maintenance and repair


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